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Centro Studi Libertari


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Centro Studi Libertari, also known as the Libertarian Studies Center, is a non-profit organization located in Milan, Italy. The center is dedicated to promoting the principles of libertarianism, which emphasize individual freedom and limited government intervention in economic and social affairs.

The center was founded in 1974 and has since become a leading institution for the study and promotion of libertarian ideas. The center’s mission is to spread knowledge and understanding of libertarianism through research, education, and advocacy.

One of the center’s main activities is the organization of seminars, conferences, and lectures on libertarian topics, including economics, philosophy, and political theory. These events are open to the public and attract a diverse range of attendees, including scholars, activists, and members of the general public.

In addition to its educational activities, Centro Studi Libertari also maintains a library of books, journals, and other materials related to libertarianism and anarchist thought. The library is open to the public and serves as a valuable resource for scholars and researchers interested in libertarian ideas.

The center also engages in advocacy work, promoting libertarian policies and principles through media appearances, publications, and political campaigns. The center has been involved in a number of political campaigns over the years, advocating for policies such as tax reform, privatization, and deregulation.

Centro Studi Libertari has played an important role in the development of the Italian libertarian movement and has helped to shape the political and intellectual discourse around libertarianism in Italy. Its work has been recognized both nationally and internationally, and it has received support from a variety of individuals and organizations.

Centro Studi Libertari is a prominent institution for the study and promotion of libertarianism in Italy. Through its educational, advocacy, and research activities, the center has helped to advance the principles of individual freedom and limited government intervention in economic and social affairs. Its ongoing work is likely to continue to have an impact on the political and intellectual landscape in Italy and beyond.