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Café Preto

Black Coffee

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Café Preto (strong and unsweetened) is an anarchist newspaper based in the city of Salvador. Of strong and stimulating taste, it shelters both the urban popular struggles as well as the struggle of the peasants of Bahia. We work in a continuous effort to bring to the pages of the newspaper the voices of the streets, the daily life of the worker who suffers from state vandalism, the productions of artists from the peripheries, the struggle of women, the daily deal in crops, fishing, in extractivism, quilombola resistance, the struggle for free technologies …

Like any other newspaper, we have a higher goal of existence. We believe that another world is possible, a diverse world full of solidarity, mutual support, autonomy, horizontality and freedom. To do so, we use in our “way of doing” all the purposes we intend to achieve. We operate in a self-managed, hierarchical and extremely organized way, where everyone exercises democracy directly, freely and in solidarity, from the selection of the guidelines, through the writing of the materials, the elaboration of photographs and even the making of videos and the diagramming of print and online versions of the newspaper.

We seek to use a simple and popular language, yet addressing topics of extreme complexity and interest to the Bahian population, without losing the depth needed to instigate a critical analysis of the facts presented. We try to give visibility to the hidden struggles that mainstream corporate media will never be interested in reporting. We prioritize distribution on the streets, in the popular media, on the urban outskirts, in rural communities, but we also don’t forget our digitally tuned audience.

We survive from the collaborative economy, where each participant, partner, friend or volunteer brings a handful of coffee as long as it is strong, warm and preferably sugar free. Until when we will survive, we have no way of knowing. But we keep waking up together with each Bahian or Bahian who shares with the principles of the world that we carry in our hearts.

So welcome, have a seat, collaborate and enjoy a Black Coffee. We have a lot to hear!