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Boing! Anarchist Collective, SLC


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Boing! Anarchist Collective serves as a space for radical dialog, performances, reading and other such activities. Boing! has been a steady center for anarchist activity for nine years and counting.

Although not currently an activist space in all realms, it is always working at improving the community in at least one area of need.

If you are disenchanted with our synthesized world wrought with hopeless abandon, if you are bored of standardized living, if you are tired of being around people who don’t understand how you feel about a dying world.

If you are queer or if you identify as anything outside of the binary system or support people who do, if you feel frustration with the heteronormative assimilation that is constantly placed upon us, if you are a female bodied person who is tired of being objectified by a sex crazed culture or perceived as being weak or unlearned, if you are a male bodied person who is interested in deconstructing the privilege we obtained at birth through a male dominant world.

If you are inspired by people who have acted outside of the legal system to achieve liberation, if you are hesitant to resign yourself to a pacified and glorified form of dissidence.

If you are questioning your known faith in God, Jesus Christ, or other spiritual personages, if you’d like to hear or read differentiation of Mormon doctrine, if you’ve already confronted your faith with opposition or unsureness.

If your idea of a good time doesn’t solely include being intoxicated, if you feel distrusting and insecure about being around people who are drunk, if you want to be around people who are interested in engaging in creative and fun activities that aren’t centered around alcohol.

If you are interested in learning how to break the chain of dependence imposed upon us in regards to the monetary system, if you want to maintain possession of life’s essentials (e.g. food and housing) by dissimilar means.

If animals are more than a consumer product to you, if you value life regardless of species, if you want to know more about how to live and be healthy without food including animal products.

If life is worth living with fervent passion, if you want to build something beautiful or fight for beauty that has since been destroyed or is being destroyed.

If any of you are curious or interested at all about any of this, anyone at this collective is interested in talking to you about it or anything we missed. We try to understand alienation, and we understand feeling self-conscious in a new environment. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, politics, diet, musical preference, substance use, religious belief, age, style, criminal record, sub-culture, ability, or citizenship.

And for those of you rolling your eyes at the ideas presented here, you have a lot of people to do it with. Please keep it between yourselves.