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Birmingham Mutual Aid Claimed


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Birmingham Mutual Aid is a scrappy group of folks with bad haircuts on a mission to mutual aid as hard as they can wherever they can.

Formed in the year of our covid, March 2020, Birmingham Mutual Aid has been meeting as many of our community’s needs as possible. What the fuck are we up to?

  • The Little Free Corner Store: Each week we take the orders of our food box friends and deliver their chosen groceries free of charge. Why not just make all the boxes the same and have people pick them up? Well, we believe that no matter someone’s life circumstances they should have as much choice over their food as you have. We’re committed to destroying the barriers that prevent people from getting to food banks (like no car, expired registration or insurance, no gas money, expired ID).
  • The Little Free Closet: This one’s simple. Twice a month we create a free clothes store on our lawn. A new set of duds that doesn’t contribute to fast fashion? Getting a suit for that interview? Getting something that makes you feel fly as hell? Heck yes.
  • BHAMMA Harm Reduction: Because no one is disposable, each month, we go out to Kelly Ingram park to educate people (both those who use drugs and those who do not) about harm reduction. We pass out wound care kits, condoms, literature and other items to help keep people healthy.
  • Coming Soon: The Tool Library
  • Not official, just the little stuff: Every day we hear about needs. Someone needs a baby swing, someone needs a bed, someone’s electricity went out, someone’s car broke down, someone needs a pair of shoes for their new job, they’re short on their phone bill…. we do our best to meet every need that comes our way from appliances to masks (we forgot to mention we’ve made and distributed 100s) to furniture.

Okay, so you’re here. You probably read all that rad stuff and want to know how to get involved…

1. You can lend us your time. Just tell us what you’re interested in.

2: You can become a $5 Food Comrade. This is weekly direct action that feeds folks and helps keep the Little Free Corner Store running.

3. Become a patron. We’re not a non-profit, we don’t receive funding from anyone. For us that means that many expenses come out of our own pockets.