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Bastard Collective


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The Bastard Archive hosts a collection of text related to anarchism. We’re a small group of volunteer archivists who are making our collection of  self-published and small run publications available to anyone with access to the world wide web. We offer human readable and computer printable text for convenient download.

About our collection

We’ve spent many years collecting pamphlets, zines, books, video and audio on anarchism. We’ve previously managed anarchist bookstores/infoshops, which gave us great access and range to assembling the archive, but also let us witness the decrease in interest in printed material and the increasing cost in moving printed information first hand. Now that you can fit the entirety of Blast, Mother Earth and Fifth Estate on a device that fits in the pocket of your skinny black jeans it’s time to digitise.

About us

B.A.S.T.A.R.D. (Brisbane Anarchists Sabotaging The Australian Representative Democracy) was founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2004.  A collective of like-minded anarchists and anarchist sympathisers, the group has had fluctuating membership by design, with an attitude of inter-collective solidarity and support rather than consensus and dependence.