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AZ Mülheim


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AZ Mülheim is social center in Mülheim, Germany that offers a space for the larger community to use and, as AZ Mülheim says, fill with life!

AZ Mülheim offers Trans * Lesbians * Women roller skate night, punk pub, dance night, concerts, antifascist-cafe, anti-repression bar, bike repair shop and so much more.

About AZ Mulheim Structure

There are permanent employees in AZ who are organized in different work areas to ensure the infrastructure of the center.

  • Finanzgruppe takes care of the bookkeeping and everything related to the money
  • Kulturgruppe takes care of the appointment and room allocation, the monthly program and much more
  • Project group helps groups and individuals who want to organize larger projects in AZ
  • Technikgruppe takes care of the music technique and the mixing of concerts
  • Caretaker takes care of the maintenance and the expansion of the AZ
    Open Group ensures the afternoon hours, so the AZ is open to all
  • Pub group takes care of the cleanliness of the pub, the purchase of drinks and the allocation of counters and cash registers
  • The group of committees deals with the representation of the AZ in various committees of the city of Mülheim and youth work, such as the Stadtjugendring, and takes on the networking with other regional youth and cultural work institutions

Every single employee meets every week on Monday for employee review (MAB) to reflect on the past week and discuss and plan the week ahead.

But the entire infrastructure would be meaningless if it were not filled with content. Therefore volunteer groups and individuals are not indispensable from the AZ, because they first make the program in the Autonomous Center. For example:

  • Concert groups organizing and performing concerts
  • Party groups , which bring the celebration-joyful users and visitors of the AZ long nights
  • i-Café , a free internet café in the front building of the AZ, which offers all internet access
  • project: archive! , a political book and journal archive that makes political literature, scientific writings as well as up-to-date information and discourses accessible to all those interested
  • … and many other volunteers who organize lectures, workshops and information events, create pub evenings, offer drama and theater performances as well as (dance) performances, exhibit art, give yoga classes, and and and …

All together, employees and volunteers as well as all interested and other active people, determine on an equal basis and by consensus what is going on in the AZ and what is not, how the AZ positions itself to different things and how it deals with problems. In short: all decisions concerning the AZ will be made together.

This happens at the monthly plenum on the 1st Monday of the month from 17 clock.

All groups and areas in the AZ are open to all. If you want to join in somewhere just come over! Come to the plenum or MAB, or speak to individual groups directly.