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Autonomous Action – Tyumen


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“Autonomous action – Tyumen” is an organization of libertarian communists (anarcho-communists). We take part in solving problems both at the regional, and at the federal and international levels and are a collective participant in the inter-regional movement “Autonomous Action”.

Our principles

  • All people are born equal.
  • Self-government should be maximally expanded, both territorially (courtyard, microdistrict, city), and in production (department, workshop, enterprise). Voting should take place through general meetings and referenda. No one can neglect this right.
  • Human exploitation is unacceptable.
  • Everyone is free to independently choose the type of work.
  • Everyone has the right to live in a world with unpolluted nature.
  • Capitalism, the bureaucratic apparatus, dictatorship and authoritarianism are obsolete structures that must be dismantled.
  • Fascism, nationalism and any form of discrimination against people are unacceptable and immoral.
  • Free distribution of any kind of information

Our goals

  • The development of direct self-government of citizens in Tyumen and the Tyumen region. To this end, we support and initiate the creation of public structures in which everyone has the right to vote.
  • Reducing the working week and working day while maintaining the level of income by reducing duplicate work and automating processes and production.
  • The development of freed voluntary social labor instead of wage labor.
  • Dissemination of libertarian ideas in society, providing an understandable and clear alternative to the current regime.
  • Favorable environmental conditions in the city, region, country, world.
  • Support for self-expression and creative search for everyone.
  • Creating conditions for the development and implementation of each individual.
  • Demilitarization of society.
  • Accessible to all education and healthcare.

Our organization

  • Based on personal initiative and decisions made at general meetings.
  • It is based on the principle of “direct action”, by creating self-governing public structures and direct implementation of local authority.
  • It does not accept authoritarianism, the sole seizure and control of power, inequality between participants.
  • He does not participate in elections to government bodies of all levels, since our goal is direct self-government.

Minimum program

  • Changing the structure of the formation of the Tyumen City and Regional Duma. Deputies should have an imperative mandate (that is, a decision of the general meeting of
    residents of their neighborhood) on all important issues, and not act in the interests of parties and authorities. Residents should be able to recall a deputy at a general
    meeting at any time. Such forms of self-organization can develop from territorial public self-government (CBT), which exists today.
  • A phased reduction of the working week to 25 hours in Tyumen and the Tyumen region over several years while maintaining wages. Elimination of duplicate work positions by reducing the length of the working day. Where necessary, the introduction of mechanized and automated labor. Development of opportunities for free labor of free citizens according to their needs (improvement, art, scientific and technical creativity, sports, discussions and discussions, and so on).
  • Creation of councils at enterprises elected by all employees (which can be revoked at any time), with the right to vote on all major decisions. To combat the abuses of the administration, members of such councils can be dismissed only by the general meeting.

Maximum program

  • The construction of libertarian (free, stateless, self-governing) communism is a society of free individuals, without domination, exploitation and any form of political oppression.

Environmental program

  • The organization takes part in environmental initiatives.
  • Near each house there should be a landscaped green area, in each neighborhood – parks.
  • The solution to the transport problem through the development of environmentally friendly public transport to such a level when there is no need for a private car.
  • Reduction of landfill area due to the development of a waste management system.

All this today looks like science fiction. The authorities will not resolve these issues. Only an association of citizens can change the situation.