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Antifascist Action – Melbourne


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We’re here to promote anti-racist & antifascist happenings around Wurundjeri Country / Melbourne ♥

We broadly support all anti-racist campaigns, without necessarily endorsing all the views/tactics of whichever groups participate in these campaigns. Stuff we republish is for information purposes only, reblogging ≠ endorsement.

We are not affiliated with any particular organisation, theoretical tendency or political party. Whilst our admins come from a range of (left) political perspectives, we are united in our rejection of all forms of domination, oppression & discrimination.

This means we will never provide a platform for prejudice, and you ‘patriots’ are wasting your time if you think we’re going to engage in pointless debates about ‘what race Islam is’ etc. No tolerance for intolerance means no platform for hatespeech. You’ve been warned.

Whilst the Reclaimers & Nazis bang on about ‘taking Australia back’, we know that you cannot reclaim what was never yours!

We stand in absolute solidarity with Indigenous struggles for justice & sovereignty across this stolen country. We think remembering means fighting, and want everyone who identifies as an anti-racist to do the same.

When it comes to what to do about the nazis, we believe in the power of community organisation & self-defense. It’s not about how tough we are, or how good we are at fighting. Rather, we think it takes many different people doing lots of different things to make an antifascist action effective.

And that’s the biggest difference between us and the ‘patriots’.

We don’t believe in grand all-knowing leaders, the magical power of flags or in ridiculous fairy stories about how macho we are.

We believe instead in one another; in collective action & solidarity.

Instead of in fear, hatred & violence; we believe in dignity, autonomy & true justice for all the people of the world.

The state of things is so profoundly unacceptable in so many ways, we won’t stand aside while things get worse.

Respect existence or expect resistance!
Melbourne is always antifascist!