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Anti-Fascists of the Seven Hills


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Anti-Fascists of the Seven Hills (ASH) is an activist group based in Richmond, Virginia, that focuses on combating fascism and other forms of oppression. ASH consists of anarchists and communists who have united in their militant opposition to the spread of fascist ideologies. This article provides an informational and neutral overview of the group, its objectives, and the methods they employ in their fight against fascism.

Goals and Ideals

ASH is committed to countering the growth of fascism, which seeks to reinforce white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism through recruitment, mobilization, and violence. The group opposes various forms of oppression, including capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. Consequently, they are against politicians, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the police, all of whom they believe have a vested interest in maintaining these structures of oppression.

Tactics and Strategies of  Anti-Fascists of the Seven Hills

In their fight against fascists in Richmond, ASH employs a range of tactics. They use educational initiatives to raise awareness about the dangers of fascism and the importance of dismantling oppressive structures. Additionally, they engage in direct confrontation with far-right groups and white supremacists in their community.

ASH is also focused on building a network capable of shutting down fascist activities in Richmond. This network involves collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations to monitor the activities of far-right groups and counteract their efforts.

Anti-Fascists of the Seven Hills is a group dedicated to fighting fascism and other forms of oppression in Richmond, Virginia. They work to counteract the spread of these ideologies by employing a variety of tactics, from education to direct confrontation. While the group’s goals and methods may be controversial, their commitment to challenging systems of oppression and dismantling far-right movements is clear.