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Anarchist Communist Front ‘Unity’


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Our organization supports a social revolution, but does not presume to bring it about itself or to lead it. We are active in a country with limited Anarchist, worker, anti-authoritarian traditions. The links and acquaintance with Anarchist movements through the years, as well as Anarchist thought published here. And the above is true both in the Palestinian- and Hebrew-speaking public. 

Therefore our main goals are:

  • Raising awareness of Anarchism as a socio-political current and making information available about it.
  • Development of a critical Anarchist perspective on the socio-political reality, in this country and globally, and bringing it into public discourse.
  • Clarifying the the theoretical and practical alternative to the statist tendency within the opposition to the existing social order. Specifically, we wish to engender a meaningful alternative to those currents of the Palestinian national liberation movement which consider the formation of a Palestinian state the foremost aspect of this liberation, and to other State-Socialist movements.
  • Serving as a framework, platform, stage and catalyst to Anarchist initiatives of individuals and groups.
  • Collaborating with non-Anarchist organizations and initiatives in struggles which agree with our principles.
  • Developing cooperation and relations with Anarchist organizations in the Arab East and around the world.

Much of our organizational activity is internal. Most of us work regular jobs to support ourselves, have limited experience in political and organizational activity, and limited knowledge of political though and social history. For this reason, more of our goals are:

  • Sustenance of a supportive framework for individual and collective self-study of Anarchism and in the spirit of Anarchism.
  • Offering a space for experience and development in political and organizational activity, without having to accept centralistic and authoritarian preconceptions and fundamental structures – or, at the least, an opportunity to consciously contend with such preconceptions and structures within the organization.

We adhere to the principle of prefiguration in political action; and we know that as individuals and as a group we bring with us and maintain even amongst ourselves aspects of alienation, privilege and oppression. For this reason, more of our goals are:

  • Breaking the boundaries of separation by ethnicity and language, and our transformation towards an Arab-Hebrew (-Russian etc.) organization, present and active in different regions of Palestine.
  • Striving to engender within our organization, ‘Unity’, a paragon of the principles we wish to promote in society as a whole, to the extent possible – while being aware of the unattainability of such a situation in detachment from wider societal change.