56A Infoshop


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56a Infoshop is a long-term volunteer-run, 100% unfunded, DIY social centre in Walworth, South London. 56a shares a collectively run building with Fareshares food co-op and 56a Bikespace.

56a Infoshop offers an open-access archive of over 1400+ books, 50,000 pamphlets, papers and leaflets that focuses on topics that include; (trans)feminism, anti-colonialism, anti-globalisation, environmentalism, squatting, anti-fascism, No Borders, queer politics/organising, anarchism, situationism, autonomism, anti-civilisation, anti-capitalism, radical pedagogy, diy, bikes, self-care, cooperatives, permaculture, consensus organising, and loads loads more.

They also sell vegan chocolate and Zapatista coffee (which contribute to the financial upkeep of the 56a).