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128 Radical Social Centre


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What 128 is for and about

The 128 Radical Social Centre is a place for groups to hold meetings and events, workshops, and other gatherings – specifically marginalised* groups and groups working toward radical social change.

128 is an anti-oppression and thus explicitly anti-state, pro-indigenous sovereignty, recognises Te Tiriti o Waitangi and supports tino rangatiratanga.
128 is against abuse of power, and for recognising where power rests and where this is legitimate (eg, mana) and illegitimate (eg, patriarchy).
128 is against all forms of oppression, including but not limited to:

All groups operating from 128 must be in keeping with this kaupapa and must agree to uphold 128’s Safer Spaces Policy, with  approval by consensus of The 128 Collective.

128 is a space for:

  • Groups and collectives for radical social change to use for meetings and activities (there are several permanent groups operating from 128 and others who have meetings and events at 128)
  • Projects and events of the same flavour – like film screenings, organised discussions, fund raisers, community dinners
  • Community events catering (book the kitchen)
  • Placard and banner painting (book the blue room)
  • Stencil making/screen printing/arts projects of the same flavour (book the blue room)
  • Storage for a limited number radical groups resources – which are available for use (eg Food Not Bombs, Wellington Community Resources Group)
  • Banner space on the side of the house is for non commercial banners which fit with the kaupapa, and are approved by the 128 collective