Αναρχική Συλλογικότητα Οκτάνα

Anarchist Collective Octana

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Octana is a collective of anarchist communists who envision social liberation, acting for the political and economic overthrow of the existing system, the abolition of classes and the exploitation of man by man. We are anarchists because we are involved in an antitrust struggle and first of all we want the abolition of all power, because we believe that people can live without subjugation or subjugation, free on a land without borders.

But we are also Communists because we believe that all of the above will be done through a federation of autonomous communities that will operate on the basis of self-organization, with respect and equality in life and responsibility. In this society the means of production and their management will belong to the free people and the social wealth produced will be distributed on the basis of the logic “of each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs”.

Oktana does not see itself as an independent carrier of the anarchist struggle, but strives for the formation of a revolutionary and mass anarchist movement in Greece. In this respect, it considers it necessary to organize the anarchists into a revolutionary political body, which will seek to socialize anarchist theory and practice into the social whole, to form a revolutionary political program and to become a competitive political force against the state and capital.