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Kalye Pogi

Creative Resistance in Storytelling with “Kalye Pogi” – Support Our Pilot Episode!

Support “Kalye Pogi” – A Sitcom for Social Change

We are thrilled to announce a unique collaboration between Pirate Studio, a socio-eco-political hub based in the Philippines, and A Radical Guide. Together, we are embarking on an exciting venture to produce “Kalye Pogi,” a groundbreaking sitcom that humorously yet poignantly exposes the daily struggles and social injustices experienced by Filipinos under a capitalist regime.

Transforming Lives, One Episode at a Time

“Kalye Pogi” is more than just a sitcom. It’s a groundbreaking project that humorously yet powerfully highlights the daily struggles and social injustices faced by Filipinos under a capitalist regime. Join us in bringing this unique narrative to life by supporting the pilot episode.


Kalye Pogi shows a Filipino’s everyday life and struggles under a capitalist system and dominating culture. It is a show that also challenges society’s dominating perspectives and practices to promote and soft-sell the idea and values of cooperation, mutual aid, respect for ecology, self-determination, culture resistance, solidarity, self-governance, and autonomy in a humorous but thought-provoking way.

Why “Kalye Pogi”?

Kalye means street, and “Pogi” means good-looking. “Kalye Pogi” translates to “Good-looking Street,” a place of laughter, drama, and critical conversations held during normal conversation and casual drinking sessions. Each episode dives into pressing eco-socio-political issues, from ecological degradation to labor exploitation and beyond, all discussed by our charmingly flawed yet insightful characters.

Our main characters, a street-smart jeepney dispatcher, the well-meaning store owner, a well-off, educated guy, and a working-class confrontational punk, show the diversity of a community and represent the face of everyday struggle and resistance. They and their friends challenge dominant perspectives and promote values such as mutual aid, respect for ecology, and self-governance—principles that resonate deeply with our shared aspirations for a fairer world.

Your Support Makes All the Difference

We are currently seeking funds to produce the pilot episode of “Kalye Pogi,” which will set the stage for these vibrant characters and introduce the ethos of community and resistance that underpins the series. The pilot will encapsulate the spirit of diversity, respect, and cooperation, setting the tone for the entire series.


*Jeepneys are public utility vehicles, serving as the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines

Meet the Cast


Boying is a houseless, street smart and Jeepney dispatcher.

Role played by Bas Umali


Letlet is a waitress during the day, punk at night, cool, loose, rebellious, curious, confrontational, and unconsciously her practice and ideas are basic principles of Anarchism.

Role played by Shella Punks

Mang Ambo

Mang Ambo is trying hard to be a successful business owner. Strict but has a soft heart. Religious but flirt. Passive in a system.

Role played by Michael Odoño

Kuya Tong

Kuya Tong is a well-off educated individual. But jobless. Attention seeker and trying hard to be a dictionary. Has a background in activism during his college days and become a reactionary.

Role played by Jun

Why Your Support Matters

With your help, “Kalye Pogi” can:

  • Showcase Community Strength: Through characters like Boying, Letlet, Mang Ambo, and Kuya Tong, we depict the resilience and solidarity of Filipino communities.
  • Promote Critical Conversations: Each episode delves into pressing issues like ecological degradation and labor exploitation.
  • Foster Global Awareness: Our stories resonate globally, emphasizing cooperation, mutual aid, and self-governance.

How Your Donation Helps

Your contribution will cover:

  • Set Construction & Props: Building iconic locations like Mang Ambo’s Sari-Sari Store.
  • Production Costs: Ensuring high-quality filming with professional equipment and a dedicated crew.
  • Post-Production: Achieving the best sound and video quality.
  • Translation: Making our message accessible globally with English subtitles.

Make an Impact

We need to raise PHP 120,522.70 / $2,095 USD for the pilot episode. Every donation brings us closer to creating this transformative series.

About the Project with Ja Reyalidad of Pirate Studio

Support this project by becoming a fundraiser today. Whether you join a team or fundraise as an individual, it’s simple to get started. You’ll receive your own dedicated fundraising link and profile to help you make a difference.