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Help A Fellow Radical Pay for an Ovarian Cyst Operation

Our friends at the Etniko Bandido Infoshop in the Philippines are asking for our help.  They have created a goFundme page help Juey get an ovarian cyst removed.

Here is their page, if you want to go and donate now.

Here is their request.

An Appeal for Support and Solidarity

Hi there,

This is Cris who runs an Etniko Bandido Infoshop that are responsible on maintaining an alternative library, our home at the same time a socio-political space which provided a venue for free workshop, free market, discussion and meetings. A volunteer-run project that share information in different form for critical and technical thinking against systematic mind-setting. Our space exists for almost 8 years committed on non-hierarchical relation, mutual-cooperation and autonomy.

My partner Juey who are part of this space doing advocacy and a practitioner promoting a zero-waste eco-friendly female hygiene product like Earth-friendly menstrual pads and reusable moon cup. She is independently making, selling, re-selling and share free workshop for marginalized communities about this product as an alternative to minimize waste. A woman who are actively involved in women reproductive health issue and environmental concern. Suddenly, a situation happen to us that we didn’t expect at all. Juey was diagnosed with ovarian cyst in the left pelvic area that give her a severe pain every day for almost three weeks. We already went to two OB-Gynecology doctors who examine her laboratory and ultrasound results. According to this doctors, the ovarian cyst were already big and there is no medicine that they can recommend to take it away or shrink, the only option that they advise is to have a surgical operation that will cost more than 150,000 pesos.

We really badly needed this amount as we don’t have enough savings to finance this operation. We personally write to you to beg and ask some help hoping that in some way this costly operation will be possible soon.

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