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Author: Jason Bayless


Jason Bayless

Joined In Dec 2017

About Me

Jason Bayless is a prominent social justice activist who has dedicated over two decades of his life to promoting animal rights, advocating for farmworker families, and fighting for a more just and equitable society. He is widely recognized as a respected leader in the activist community. Throughout his career, Bayless has been a relentless advocate for animal rights. He has worked tirelessly to document and report cases of animal abuse and neglect in the entertainment industry. He is also one of the co-creators of PETA2, PETA's youth division. Moreover, Bayless has served as President of the Board of Directors for the Center for Farmworker Families, a non-profit organization that supports and advocates for farmworker families. Apart from animal rights activism, Bayless is a National Board member for Move to Amend, a coalition working to end corporate personhood and remove money as protected free speech under the First Amendment. He is also involved with the Chiapas Support Committee, serving on its board and working to promote education and awareness about Chiapas, the Zapatista communities, and Mexico. Bayless's commitment to promoting social justice extends beyond his work with specific organizations. He is the founder of A Radical Guide, Radical-Guide.com, a user-generated content site that highlights radical history, locations, and people working towards a better world. He hosts fundraisers for anarchists and radical groups and projects worldwide, stands in solidarity with resistance struggles, and offers training and consulting for new and struggling radical groups. Currently, Bayless is working as the Social Justice Integration and Program Development Specialist with Pachamama Alliance. In this role, he co-develops resources and provides training to volunteers to help address the root causes of systems and structures that perpetuate division and harm to the earth. Bayless's extensive experience in various social justice causes and his deep commitment to promoting social justice make him a valuable asset to any organization or cause. His inspiring passion and dedication in advocating for animal rights, supporting farmworker families, or fighting for a more just and equitable society have earned him widespread respect and admiration within the activist community.




Jason Bayless 1 Reviews

I am sorry to hear that The Curly Cow has closed, I was looking forward to visit them.

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