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Meet the Team

The people behind ‘A Radical Guide’

  • Shi Woo Ji
    Shi Woo JiCo-Conspirator
  • Thomas Barnett
    Thomas BarnettCo-Conspirator
  • Jason Bayless
    Jason BaylessFounder

Collective Vision

A Radical Guide is a one-of-its-kind media project that focuses on the history, stories, places, and people of resistance. We highlight issues and lost causes that are worth striving for and are building a community of motivated people who believe in this goal of creating a better world for all, that is not rooted in capitalism, competition, and hierarchy.

We aim to inculcate a cross-cultural and cross-generational understanding of resistance. We believe that our collective contributions to making a better world are important. This is why we are spreading awareness and helping people strive for this goal.

A Radical Guide’s Store

A Radical Guide’s Store Everything you need from radical clothing, bags, books, stickers, music, and more.

A Radical Guide offers more than just radical locations we also provide a space for people to share course curriculum and other teaching tools. We also offer a place for people to watch films that highlight movements and political thought.  Just like the location listing of A Radical Guide, anyone can contribute.

A Radical Education

A Radical Education is an online course site where we can learn from each other at any time and anywhere around the world.

As A Radical Student, you can learn from a growing list of course categories such as, ‘Radical History‘, ‘D.I.Y‘, ‘Organizing‘, ‘Security Culture‘, ‘Direct Democracy‘, ‘Social Justice‘ and more.

As A Radical Instructor, you can create online courses and share your knowledge with this radical community.  You can offer your course for free or charge a fee per course, it’s up to you. You have no limit to what your course can be and if your course includes video, no problem, we designed that into the site.

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