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About Us

Meet the Team

The people behind ‘A Radical Guide’

  • Shi Woo Ji
    Shi Woo JiCo-Conspirator
  • Thomas Barnett
    Thomas BarnettCo-Conspirator
  • Jason Bayless
    Jason BaylessFounder

Welcome to A Radical Guide!

A Radical Guide is a unique media project that explores the history, stories, places, and people of resistance. We believe in the power of lost causes and are building a community of individuals who share the goal of creating a better world for all.

With over 1000 radical locations listed worldwide and growing daily (add your location today), we provide you with access to a wealth of information on resistance. We also host panel discussions, interviews, podcasts, audiobooks, and other videos that highlight a wide range of topics, from anarchism to radical organizing.

Taking Action

At A Radical Guide, we don’t just talk, we take action. We host fundraisers for anarchists and radical groups and projects worldwide, stand in solidarity with resistance struggles, and offer training and consulting for new and struggling radical groups.

Our Store

A Radical Shop offers everything from radical clothing and bags to books, stickers, and music. By shopping with us, you show your support for A Radical Guide and its offerings, including locations, course curriculum, teaching tools, and the A Radical Gathering coalition.

A Radical Education

We also offer an online course site, A Radical Education, where you can learn from a growing list of course categories, such as ‘Radical History’, ‘Organizing’, ‘Security Culture’, and more. As a radical student, you can learn from instructors all around the world, and as a radical instructor, you can create and share your own courses with the community.

Connect with us

You can also connect with us on platforms such as Spotify, Roku, FireTV, Twitter, Facebook, Kolektiva.social, Youtube, and Twitch.

At A Radical Guide, we aim to inculcate a cross-cultural and cross-generational understanding of resistance and spread awareness about the importance of collective contributions to making a better world. Join us on this journey and be a part of the solution!

Epic Tomorrows: Interview with Jason Bayless of A Radical Guide

About A Radical Guide